Dear Diary,

We have exciting news! When I woke up, I felt extremely ecstatic and joyful because it was the day that we were going to the most beautiful, colossal Titanic. (KB) I had butterflies in my stomach because today is the day I go on the RMS Titanic (COD) I woke up feeling nervous but excited too (BEy) I felt overwhelmed (HB) I was emotional. It was time to go and I hadn’t even packed my bags so I rushed to get them sorted. (OP) I had lunch, toothpaste, clothes, shoes and toys. (TMM) My mum’s suitcase was already packed by the door.


When I got there, I felt astounded because it was amazing! (GP) People were shouting. People were pushing. I was hurt. (JJ) They were busy like bees but were pushing me and I didn’t like it. (OW)There was steam coming out of the enormous funnels. (AM) As I was queuing, I looked up at the beautiful Titanic and I was emotional by the sheer size of the ship. (LM) I could see other boats steaming along in the background (JM) I could hear people shouting, chattering and the sound of horns. (SH)


I went straight to my room. As first class, My room was extravagant and very luxurious because the bed sheet was so soft, just like a bear. (AK) When I saw my bed, I caressed it gently. How luxurious it was! (SDM) Gorgeous curtains lead out to my luxurious bed. (AA) My room was fashionable and the chair was patterned. (EG) The lamp was detailed because it had patterns. (GB) How relaxed the look out to the sea was! (MF)


Yesterday, it was smooth sailing on and on. How wonderful it was! (BEn) However… In the night, I heard a scraping noise on the side. It was scary and woke me up. (NR) It sounded like the giant sharp iceberg scraped the Titanic. The rest of the frozen iceberg was under the dark, blue water. (GL) In the distance, I could see a ghostly iceberg. (LWB)It was floating out of no where (MA) The distant iceberg was protruding out of the water. (EL) I heard it scratch along the side of the Titanic. (HE) It was sharp, mountainous and hidden under the water. (AC) How scary it was! (FM) I was shocked when the captain sent a telegram saying SOS. (TBW)

I wonder, what is going to happen? (DAM)

Willow Class


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  • 28th November 2018 at 7:04 pm

    Lovely to see such great vocabulary. Well done Willow Class!


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