Welcome to year 4, 5, 6 blog

Welcome to the blog!

This is going to be where you can find lots of the learning that others in and out of school will be doing over the next few weeks.


From Monday, there will be an English, maths and an additional task posted daily.


We would love for you to add a comment on the blog posts with your work or ideas for the tasks and we will be monitoring and responding to these. When you do add a comment to any post, it asks for an email address. This does not need to be a real one. It could just be your name followed by @wfps.com (e.g. david@wfps.com)


Remember to take care of yourselves- and wash those hands!


Miss Chambers, Miss Clancy, Miss Taylor, Mrs Byfield, Miss Lowe and Miss Spaven


4 thoughts on “Welcome to year 4, 5, 6 blog

  • 23rd March 2020 at 12:00 pm

    AK -Year 6

    In the picture I think that the ogre is washing his feet in some kind of abominable liquid which is leaving a stench in the room therefore, the purple creature has put a peg on his nose to block out the smell. The ogres name is Barry and the purple creatures name is Alvin. Alvin is wearing a peg on his nose because there is an awful smell in the room; its cheeks are bulging because it seems like he is about to be sick. I think the large creature is an ogre as it has the same features such as big elf ears and crooked teeth. Barry has his feet in a bowl because he just got a splinter on his heel from falling on a wooden surface so he is resting it in the liquid. He is feeling interested in the splinter and also careless how the smell is so bad and that Alvin is feeling sick from it. There are flies around Barry because the flies are attracted to the horrible smell he has created. I prefer Alvin because he seems dramatic as he looks like he is over exaggerating the stench he also looks like an interesting character.

    Character description.
    Barry’s warty colossal nose leans over his chin like a castle does over a human in addition to this, his bulging eyes look like they are going to fall out his eye sockets. Also his ragged aged clothes are ripped and damaged as if they had just been attacked by a tiger. Barry’s joyous smile compliments what seems as his bubbly personality and his different features. His crooked teeth look stained and murky as if they had never been cleaned.

    • 23rd March 2020 at 2:33 pm

      This is a great explanation of what you think is happening in the picture! Well done for using a range of conjunctions and interesting language choices – it made your description even more interesting to read! Great semi colon too.

      Have a good afternoon.

      Miss Lowe

  • 23rd March 2020 at 6:44 pm

    Year 4 Cedar class

    This is the work I did today –
    Q1. A giant is washing his feet and a bat is holding a towel and pegging his nose.
    Q2. I am calling the bat Batty and the giant Crusher.
    Q3. Batty has a peg on his nose because Crusher’s feet stink. His cheeks are bulging because he thinks he is going to throw up.
    Q4. I think the large character is a giant.
    Q5. He has his foot in the bowl because he is washing his feet.
    Q6. I think he is feeling happy because he likes to wash his feet.
    Q7. There are flies around Crusher because he is stinky.
    Q8. Crushers thoughts are “Time to wash my feet!” and Batty is thinking “Urgh his feet stink like mad!”
    Q9. I like Batty the most because he looks like he would be funny.
    Q10. I can relate to Batty the most because sometimes my dad has stinky socks.
    Q11. The title is Pegged because the bat has a peg on his nose. I would call it The Giant Who Washed His Feet because this describes what the giant is doing.

    Character Description
    A giant called Crusher has a ripped green top with stitches all over. He has really baggy, chocolate brown trousers which are too small for him and do not reach his ankles. If you look closely he has a green wart on his chin. The giant has only got one tooth and big eyes but tiny pupils as small as a seed. He has pointy ears poking towards the sky, pale brown hair and flies floating above him. Crusher has big finger nails and smelly feet. Also, he has a floppy, spot covered nose that goes down to his large open mouth.

    • 23rd March 2020 at 7:00 pm

      Great answers to our picture challenge! Well done, Isabella. Number 10 did make me smile! I hope you’ve had a good day 🙂
      Mrs Bacon


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