Tuesday 24th March Year 1

Dear Year One children and parents,

We hope you have had a good day Home Learning. It has been suggested that it might be useful to post this the evening before to help parents think about learning the following day. We will aim to do this where possible but it will always be on in the morning if not.

Perhaps from tomorrow you can follow the school keep fit with Joe Wicks which has been advertised on the news. It starts at 9.00am and it would be good to think you may be doing it with other people in Chestnut and Cherry class. What fun, exercising together!

Mrs Felsted is going to add a phonic video to help you with your reading and spelling. You could do this at 9.30 ish when you have had a little rest and a glass of water after your exercise. She will explain more about this.

Activity 1– Literacy- Can you look at the word list you have been given. See if you can read the words and then try and spell 6-8 of the words. Focus on words that you do not know and write them a few times to get used to their correct spelling. You could also make up your own sentence with these words in if you wish to have a challenge.

Activity 2– Maths- Can you practise counting in fives and tens? See if you can count backwards in these numbers?5,10,15,    or 50, 45, 40. If you are working on the number sequence to 20 or 30, just practise counting up and back to this. Do whatever helps you and your knowledge of numbers to 100. Recap on odd and even numbers from yesterday too if you wish but only if you have time. *You may find your 100 square in your pack will help you.

You can work on these maths activities all week to help you.

Activity 3– As it is going to be a nice day, perhaps you could go on a mini beast hunt if you have a garden. What might you find? See if you can draw what you find and write about them if you can. If you have not got a garden. I will attempt to upload a video for you to watch and learn about minibeasts. I wonder if you will find spiders, ants, beetles? Remember not to destroy their habitats and leave them as you find them. Nature is so special and it is important to show care and respect for our wonderful world.

Google- BBC Bitesize KS1 Minibeasts for videos

You can copy and paste these links to help you find them.

https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/zwwndxs- The video is called ‘Magnificent Minibeasts’

The second video is in the same BBC Bitesize KS1clips called ‘What are minibeasts?’



You may want to have a look at this amazing video about learning sign language. WARNING! They teach a LOT in one session and we would not be expecting more than a couple of phrases a day and a couple of letters,  This is a nice ‘dip in and out’ activity for the next week or more. This video should last you at least 4 or 5 sessions.

Best wishes from us all.

The Year One Team.

One thought on “Tuesday 24th March Year 1

  • 24th March 2020 at 8:11 pm

    Thank you we loosely followed all activities today. The phonics was super helpful!
    The whole family enjoyed the mini beast hunt in the garden.


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