A message from the Hope Centre


*** Message from our Chief Executive; Robin Burgess***

Dear Friend

These are extra-ordinary times which are affecting everyone in our community. But amongst that number, the people the Northampton Hope Centre serves are some of the most vulnerable in our society.

The impact of this virus on those who have a reduced immune system from living on the streets is huge

The impact of job losses and the numbers who will be forced in to poverty is huge

The job that we have ahead of us is huge, but we can do it…

The charity that you have helped us build over the years is in a fantastic place to be able to help the ever increasing numbers of people who are living in poverty through the services we offer (our Day Centre food provision for the homeless and the Food Club for those on low incomes).

We do however, face major challenges ahead with a huge drop in income and loss of volunteers. We have already seen the impact of the crisis on donations, the closure of our shop and Hope Catering and in the future the cancellation of many events. It is now, more than ever that we need your help.

By donating just £10 you will enable us to get 10 cooked meals out to those without food.

By donating £50 you can pay for the van to deliver items out the poorest regions of Northampton during this crisis.

We will continue to supply food to those in need for as long as is possible but we need your help to be able to do this.

Please visit www.justgiving.com/campaign/helphope to make a donation.

We are updating social media regularly so please do visit our social media platforms for service updates as they happen.

We will get through this and we will continue to serve the community,

Thank You for your support.

Robin Burgess

Hope Centre and Hope Enterprises Chief Executive

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