Wednesday 1st April- Year 1

Good morning!  Hello to the new month of April and Easter is drawing nearer too.

Here are some activities to that you can do today.

Activity 1PE– If you are enjoying Joe Wicks, KEEP FIT AND CARRY ON! Otherwise, you may enjoy this. It is a dance video with actions from lots of different sports. You may want to do this one later in the day instead.


Activity 2– Phonics – Mrs Felstead’s phonic activities.


Activity 3– Maths- Today we would like you to recap on arrays and multiplying that we did a few weeks ago. Remember an array is an organised way to write a number in rows and columns. We will be looking at this tomorrow too. Can you complete the sentences?

A     3  lots  of  3 =  ___

B     1  lot  of  ___  = ___





      You can make up your own sentence with a drawing of an array if you would like.



Activity 4Science/Literacy– We hope you are enjoying your project about a sea creature. Have you found out any fascinating facts that you would like to share on our Year 1 blog?

Here is an video that I found, its all about sea creatures. I wonder which creatures you can see? It may inspire you to draw a picture for your booklet or leaflet.

How many creatures can you name at the end of the video? I managed about 10 but I bet you can beat 10!

You may want to watch it again to relax later in the day as the music and creatures look, and sound, so calm and graceful.


Activity 5 RE continued

During the preparations for Shabbat, Jewish people make or buy a plaited sweetened loaf called Challah bread.

We appreciate you may not have the ingredients today but if you do, feel free to try to make one. Alternatively, you might make the shape with playdough or plasticine if you have that. If all else fails here’s a crazy idea to test your plaiting skills. Why not find 3 long socks, fill them with either slightly scrunched up newspaper or even another couple of socks so that you have 3 fat, floppy socks. Hold them together at the top with a peg or a knot. Then start to plait them.

If you would like to watch a video if you are finding it difficult with resources or would like to have a try making some, this is how you make Challah bread.

What Is Challah?

2 thoughts on “Wednesday 1st April- Year 1

  • 1st April 2020 at 2:55 pm

    Eric enjoyed the maths and noticed in C you could have 2 sentences 2 lots of 4 or 4 lots of 2 = 8 and in D 4 lots of 3 or 3 lots of 4 = 12. We loved watching the sea creatures and now I am racking my brain to think what music is was. We also enjoyed the Shake your Sillies song which Eric remembered from Tumble Tots when he was little. Despite my best shaking and wiggling he refused to take part though!
    Thank you for all your work and ideas you are putting up

  • 2nd April 2020 at 10:12 am

    Harry loved making the bread out of play dough. Wish we had the ingredients to make the real thing as Harry said he tried it at school and it was really nice.


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