Whole school challenge…

We are all apart of living history… right now! What is happening will be talked about for generations to come. Schools are closed, sports are cancelled, people are quarantined on a GLOBAL level.

We would love for the children to keep a diary of their days at home. It could be handwritten, typed, drawings, photographs… record events, day to day, fears and feelings. They could even use video to document their lives through this challenging time. As parents/carers, you could let them interview you and be part of it too.

When this is all over, save all their entries so they have their own history source to share with their children/ grandchildren in the future.

Help them create a tangible, primary source of their own history.

We would love to see snippets of the children’s diaries if you would like to share them in the comments or emailing them to your teachers’  email addresses. This is an ongoing challenge for everyone through our time at home.

Best wishes,

WFPS teachers

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