Friday 3rd April- Year 1

It is Friday! If you would like, you could dress up in fancy dress, put on your favourite clothes or wear your clothes inside out. All for a bit of fun! 

Buenos Dias !

Video-  Spanish Greeting         Which language are we saying ‘good morning’ in this morning? Any ideas?

Activity 1 – Let’s warm up and exercise! Joe Wick’s is on at 9.00 if you are still enjoying this or you may wish to create your own keep fit this morning. You could put on a favourite song and do some dancing to it.

Activity 2 – Maths     Can you count back from    21?       51?      101?      201?

Choose the colour that helps you but gives you some challenge too. You could start with green and then move on if you like.

You could also try it using the 100 square first and then try without it and test yourself.

Activity 3 – Singing  We would love you to sing along to this and hope it reminds of when we all sang this in Singing Square. This was our Year One song. Hope you enjoy singing it.

Activity 4 RE/ PSHE sessions 1 and 2

We hope you enjoy these lovely videos and meeting Charlie and Blue. The other activities are optional if you are feeling tired today. You can choose if you would like to do one or any of the activities today or another day if you wish. You may be rearing to go, so it is up to you!

One is about caring and appreciating our world and the other is about sharing.

VIDEO_ RE session   1 Charlie and Blue ask about Allah and creation 


VIDEO   RE Session 2 Charlie and Blue visit the Gurdwara 


We hope you have enjoyed finding out about a sea creature and you are experts about it now! Well done Chestnut and Cherry class, you have been fantastic ‘home learners.’ 

Have a lovely Easter holiday and we wish you and your family well. We look forward to communicating with you soon.

Relax, stay safe and enjoy time together.

Best wishes from all of us in the Year One team.


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