Tuesday 21st April – Your Maps!

Hello Year 4/5/6

You have been so creative today – thank you for all the maps you have sent in. They are displayed below, but I haven’t put names beside them for data protection purposes.

Here at school we had a good look at WFPS on Google Earth and we then worked out which direction we would need to walk in to get to our homes. We’ve had a good discussion about why it is so important to show where North is on any map. We also discussed why maps have to be to scale and can’t be full size. Imagine how huge a map of our school would be! We have been drawing chalk maps on the playground which are displayed below along with maps sent in from home.

Well done everyone for developing your map reading skills.

Mrs Byfield

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  • 22nd April 2020 at 12:32 pm

    cool and why is this an empty comment section?


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