More maps from Years 4/5/6

Hello everyone

I have been sent even more fantastic maps to display on the blog. I am so glad all of you have really had fun exploring your local areas and creating your own maps. Please do email any more maps to and I will be sure to post them here.
Another fun thing to do is to make a treasure trail in your garden using sticks to make arrows. I wonder if your family could follow the trail and find a prize?

Here are 4 more maps (I have not added names due to data protection). I am also including a poem written by Norah about the coronavirus. It has some very important messages for us all:
It’s spring – a wonderful season
I am sad and I will tell you the reason
There is a virus – it is making me upset
People are suffering and dying; it is such a threat
The name’s coronavirus
My word speaks out to a thug like Cyrus
Everyone is told to stay at home
Then citizens start to moan and groan
Make sure to wash your hands
And don’t try to give demands
That’s all from me stay safe
As you’ll be very brave

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