Mindfulness and yoga

It can be a very stressful time at the moment for everybody and a fantastic practice to relax and take some time for yourself can be mindfulness. These are a few links that you might find interesting for children and adults alike.


Below are some links from Sheena, a Rapid Transformation Practitioner, and a Mindfulness and Meditation Practitioner. After the success of her previous complimentary mindfulness class (nearly 3000 views at present) she has created another for Primary schools in Northamptonshire
Original Mindfulness class:
Mindful walking class:
Mindful by a 6 year old
Yoga is also a fun thing to do with the children and we often us Cosmic yoga stories on Youtube.
Alternatively, Heather, who runs yoga classes in school for staff and children, is running zoom sessions which you can sign up to via the link below:  (Mrs Ramshaw sent an email with all the details for these classes if you are interested)

Here are a few posters with easy yoga poses that you might want to try
Kids shelf on white wall with toys on it

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