Online safety updates and support

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. Here is your weekly online safety guidance. If you have any worries or queries through this time then please do not hesitate to get in contact with anyone from school and we can direct you to the relevant adults who can help you in the best way we can!

We are always here to support you.

Behaviour vs Tech

We regularly have Simon Aston into school to talk to parents and children about being safe online and well being. He has given us some videos to help support you whilst at home. Here is one about what to do when supporting children online and challenging the behaviour. It is really worth a watch, even if you think you know all about online safety already! (it is constantly changing)

In the video, he speaks about the ‘iceberg affect’ and he has provided us with an example diagram.

Finally, to finish, here is a poster with online safety tips for children.

click here for a link to the bigger picture online safety tips for chn

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