Year 5 Gallery

Today Monday 18th May we have an excellent summary of Kensuke’s Kingdom (you will find lots more resources to help you dig deeper into Kensuke’s kingdom on the internet. We also have a science project on animal adaptation – in the form of a TV script. Well done Year 5. We are very proud.


On Friday 15th May we have some more of the oaty biscuits recipe, a fantastic information piece about maps, and a map showing where igneous rock is found in India.

Great learning Year 5. Keep it up!


Today Monday 11th May we have a super VE day poster and some delicious looking cookies – they replaced the raisins in Mrs Byfield’s recipe with blueberries. – yum!


On Thursday 7th May we have another fantastic story opener (could you continue this one?) and some delicious homemade honeycomb made with isomalt. We are hoping to get the recipe to share with you.


For Tuesday 5th May we have a fantastic frottage patchwork (check out the art task on this week’s blog) and also an exciting story opener. Could you continue the story?


For Wednesday 29th April the gallery entries are a fantastic drawing of Kensuke’s cave and an intriguing salt crystals experiment. Watch out for next week’s blog for further instructions.

Our gallery posts for Monday 27th April include some delicious baking and a brilliant song about the Polish pilots in WW2. Keep it up everyone! We are so proud of you.

Miss Taylor and Mrs Byfield


Here are Friday 24th April’s gallery posts – a beautiful drawing of a magnolia tree, a dinosaur fact file and a fantastic poem.

Be Safe And Stay Home

Be safe and stay home

Everyone has to


Some people might want to

Although others might not

Feeling alone

Everyone is


And even if you aren’t

Never forget that

Dad mum family and


Some of your friends [ or even your pet ] is

There for you


You don’t


Have to feel lonely because you can speak to people


Mobile phones

Everybody be safe and stay home


Hello Hawthorn and Sycamore

We are starting a post where we can display photos of your art work, creative projects or anything else we are really impressed with!

Today 23rd April we have some beautiful observational drawings and a really innovative way to display comprehension answers on Powerpoint.

Well done Year 5! Keep it up!

Miss Taylor and Mrs Byfield

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