Year 5 – Class Reader – Part Five

Hi Hawthorn and Sycamore,

Here is part 5 of Kensuke’s Kingdom.

What will happen next?

What advice would you give to Michael?

Why do you think the old man wants to keep separate?

Can you find out what these words mean? Can you use them in a sentence of your own writing this week?

Tantalisingly, distraught, inexorably, vestige, inferno, prying, nonchalantly, frolic, capitulated, excruciating and permeated.


One thought on “Year 5 – Class Reader – Part Five

  • 28th April 2020 at 7:16 pm

    Hi Miss Taylor. We have been checking the blog each day but haven’t seen your reading sessions at all. Not sure how many others people have had the same problem, but have asked one mum who hadn’t seen it either. We have found the others too now by searching “Class Reader”. Drake is looking forward to playing catch up. He was telling me about the painting everyone did of the front cover.


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