Weekly online safety update

Hello everyone,

I hope you have a had a lovely week. I wanted to start off with some reminders for using the blog so you can stay safe.

  • As a reminder, don’t forget that we don’t want to share our personal information. This includes our full name. When you put your name in the comments, please only use your first name – your teachers will know who you are!
  • You also don’t need to put a real email address (although no one will see this as it’s not published) so you can just put in a fake one – you could use name@wfps.co.uk 
  • Don’t put any personal information in your comments such as address, age, phone numbers, etc.

Lots of you are remembering these when you comment so thank you. The teachers really do want to hear from you because then we know you are ok so please try to comment at least once a week 🙂


Please find this month’s online safety newsletter for May.

Online Safety Newsletter May 2020_Weston Favell


Finally, here is a poster with tips for using Tik Tok – it is very popular at the moment with adults and children!


We hope you have a great weekend.

Mrs Hackney




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