Year 1- Week Beginning May 11th

Hello Year One,

Welcome to another week of activities to help with your learning. We hope or hoped (depending on whether you read this before Monday) that you have or have had a lovely relaxing bank holiday weekend and that the children found out something about celebrating VE day on Friday. Thank you for sending comments and emails and photos of your brilliant work and home learning over the last few weeks. Please don’t feel you have to comment every day but once or twice a week is fine if it helps you.

Remember that little and often is the key to helping young children learn so approximately 15/20 minutes of learning and then have a break. Then another burst after a rest/ play usually works best. The videos for literacy and maths are usually about that length or less so are ideal for this structure.

We are so impressed with the amount of children following Mrs Felstead’s daily phonic lessons and this will really help them with their reading and spelling. The sound corresponds to the sound in the literacy lesson so should really help to reinforce their phonics. The feedback that we are having is that the children are really enjoying them too which is lovely to hear. Thank you to all our parents and carers for your support. You are doing a great job!

Don’t forget that we have been videoing stories for your children a few times a week so you can look at ones already posted or ones that will be coming over the following weeks.

Phonics- Please see Mrs Felstead’s phonics blog dated for each day.

PE- Here are some PE suggestions for the week but of course we are aware people are keeping fit in other ways.

** NEW  There is also the Northamptonshire Virtual Sports Challenge that has been launched this week which the school has a separate blog for. You may like to have a go at this too! **

Here is the link, Have a go, have a sports challenge!     Northamptonshire Virtual School Games

There is also Joe Wicks keep fit each morning at 9.00 am which some people are still following.


This week the story in the literacy lessons are all about a someone who makes a sandwich but you would not believe what they put in their sandwich!!! Yuk!!

Lesson 1 Sam’s Sandwich

Lesson 2 To commit a set of instructions to memory

Lesson 3 Instructions: to use the conjunction ‘and’

Lesson 4 Instructions: to write a set of instructions



White Rose Week Beginning 11th May- Lessons 1-4

This website are not providing the free follow up activity worksheets from now on.

However, if you would like to practise more maths sessions/ activities, the BBC Bitesize maths activities are very good. Here is the link below.

Link to BBC Bitesize daily lessons for Year 1

Other activities you may enjoy over the week.

Art/DT – Can you design and make a sandwich? You could ask if you could make it if you have the foods you need to make it. Perhaps you could be kind and make it for someone else in your house. You could ask them what their favourite filling is and see if you could prepare it for them.

OR- You could draw and label a picture of the sandwich you wish to make?

OR- you could paint a picture of a sandwich?

OR- you could make a collage of it?

OR- use junk and recycled materials to make a model of it?

Science – Can you try to identify some different types of flowers this week? If you have a garden, you could see if you could find out what some of the plants and flowers are. If you can go for exercise you could see if you see any on your walk. You may want to draw 4 different types of flowers and label them.

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