Year 3 Home Learning – WB 11.05.20

Hello Maple and Redwood,

We hope you are all happy and safe. Hopefully you are getting used to the new way of working on the blog. Well done for persevering and doing your best, as always. Thank you to those of you who have been sharing your work and letting us know how you are getting on. Please keep this up – we love hearing from you.

As before, there will be 5 lessons available for English and Maths.
Please aim to complete at least 3 of the lessons.

Just like last week, there will also be 3 wider curriculum activities, as well as a spelling/phonics activity.

If you would like to get in touch with either of us, please leave a comment or email us:

Keep an eye on the blog for this week’s video too.



We have had great feedback this week so will continue to use BBC Bitesize for our English lessons.

These can be accessed on the website below. Work through the English lessons in order, starting with the 11th May.

Creative Challenge:

If you would like to put your imagination cap on and show off some of your descriptive language, have a look at the picture on this page. Scroll down to ‘Questions’ – have a think about these.

Then, can you write the story when you played a match on the pitch. What happened? Did you win? Was it difficult?



It sounds like lots of you are enjoying the White Rose maths so we will continue to use these:

Please complete Week 3 (Money)– remember to work through in order.

  1. Watch the video.
  2. Complete the activity.
  3. Check your answers.

If you’ve made a mistake can you figure out why?



Keep learning your Year 3 / 4 common exception words (there should be a copy in your reading record, your home learning pack and you can also find them online).

  • Spelling Activity:

Adding the suffix ous

suffix is a letter or a group of letters that can be added to a word to change its meaning. Follow the link below.


Wider Curriculum Task 1 –  Science


Floating and sinking

When something is in water, there are two forces acting on it. Its weight and the force of the water pushing up, the upthrust .

If the weight is equal to or less than the upthrust, it floats. Things that float are buoyant .

If the weight is greater than the upthrust, it sinks.

Task –
Step 1 – Pick 5 sensible objects from your house that can get wet. For example; an apple, tennis ball, flip flop, slice of bread and spoon.

Step 2 – Before placing them into some water, guess if you think they will float or sink and explain why.

Step 3 – Sensibly place the objects into the water checking if they are buoyant or not.

Step 4 – Were you correct or incorrect? Why did some float and some sink?


Wider Curriculum Task 2 – Design & Technology

Product Testing

Materials must be tested to ensure their suitability for making a particular product. The report demonstrates the types of materials which are tested for use in a range of everyday objects, such as glass, concrete, metal and rubber. A technical officer describes how many different objects he tests and how he tests each object for safety. Includes an example of an experiment testing the axle of skateboards for strength.

Task – Classroom chairs must be tested so they are safe for children to use. How would you test a chair to make sure it is safe? What would you look out for? Why do some chairs break in our classroom? You could design your own chair and explain why you have created it this way? Include materials and colours.


Wider Curriculum Task 3 – Computing

Code – Dance Party

As a computing lesson earlier in the year you had an opportunity to explore code and create your own dance party. Follow the website below and have some fun showing off your skills to your family. Follow the steps and watch the videos as they will explain the steps in great detail.

Have fun and remember to send some screenshots to your teachers.


Additional Activities
If you have completed all the tasks and want to carry on learning you can use any of the below.


Writing and Spelling

Spellings – use your year 3/4 spellings and pick 10 words to practise.

Choose something to read at home – anything with words!

Mrs Rew’s Library Padlet: (Password: Take5)


Take care everyone,

Miss Bailey & Mr Bettles

2 thoughts on “Year 3 Home Learning – WB 11.05.20

  • 12th May 2020 at 10:16 am


    Do WFPS have a subscription for White Rose Maths as it looks like they are no longer allowing access to the worksheets?

    Many thanks,

    Alastair Macquire
    (Fletch’s dad!)

    • 12th May 2020 at 11:45 am

      I know we have spoken via email but just for other Year 3 parents –

      Miss Lowe is currently looking into this. The school has purchased a subscription and she is trying to work out how best to share the details with parents as we don’t want to publish it publicly on the blog. For the time being, she has recommended that parents access the videos (with extra tasks included). We will update you as soon as we can.

      In the meantime, you could also use TTRockstars and any paper worksheets that you may have left in the packs we sent out.


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