White Rose updates for Maths home learning

Hello everyone,

As some of you have seen, White Rose have made changes to how we access their home learning. For previous weeks, the video, worksheet and answers are still available at the moment. For any new weeks that they create, such as this one, they are only producing videos. The videos will contain additional tasks for the children to complete at home instead of having access to the worksheet.

As a school, we have subscribed to the premium resources allowing us access to the worksheets. However, it is going to take us some time to register our accounts and prepare this to share with you. Therefore, for this week, we suggest that you continue to watch the White Rose videos and complete the tasks stated on the video.

Hopefully from Monday, we will be able to share the worksheets with you. We think that this is how you will be able to access them:

1 – Use the link to access: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/ and select your year group and the appropriate week.

2 – Watch the relevant video for the lesson you are completing.

3 – Go back to the blog for your year group and complete the worksheet which will have been screenshotted into the weekly blog post.


We hope this is clear and we will update you if anything changes on how to access the maths for each year group. If you are struggling to access the maths from Monday, please email your child’s class teacher or myself on miss.lowe@wfps.org.uk and we will do our best to help you further.

Stay safe and keep smiling!

Miss Lowe 🙂

One thought on “White Rose updates for Maths home learning

  • 12th May 2020 at 6:04 pm

    Maths :
    1. Strawberry and flake
    2. Strawberry and raspberry sauce
    3. Vanilla and flake
    4. Vanilla and raspberry sauce

    1. One pencil = 8p
    One chew = 3p
    One ruler = 9p
    One pen = 9p
    One apple = 12p
    One rubber = 8p
    One cake = 7p
    One pen = 11p

    Answer = 68p
    Answer = $1.20p
    Answer = 24p
    Answer = 30p
    Answer = 64p
    Answer = 66p
    Answer = 36p
    Answer = $1.40p
    Answer = 40p
    Answer = $4.80p


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