Sunny science activities

This week is set to be HOT!

Thinking about the different areas of science, can you think of a way to explore this weather?

You might think about ‘Light,’ and draw around your shadows at different parts of the day.

You might think about ‘the water cycle,’ and how it may evaporate in the hot sun, what about condensation?

Have you got any solar panels or solar powered equipment in your garden, what does this do?

Animals, plants and their habitats may change in the heat, how could you help them? I always put out a flat plate of milk for the Hedgehogs in my garden when the weather is warm.

What sounds can you hear? I bet lots of children playing in their garden or maybe an ice cream van if you’re lucky!

As humans, how do we adapt when the weather is warm? How does our body react to the heat and why?

They are just a few ideas of mine, I’m sure that you have plenty more which I would love to hear about!

Please feel free to share anything that you do with me either by commenting on the blog or emailing me…


Have a lovely week and keep safe- if you are outside, don’t forget your sun cream!

Miss Chambers


One thought on “Sunny science activities

  • 19th May 2020 at 9:52 pm

    Hi, Ethan and Charlotte did a bike ride earlier and we talked about how hot we got, what we wear in the heat and how we take drinks on our trip to cool down. We also looked at shadows the bike wheels made & sat in the biggest shadow of shade under a big tree in the park. We also left the dog at home as she gets so hot in the day ?


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