Weekly Online Safety post – #kindnessmatters

It is the end of Mental Awareness Week today and I thought it would be nice to finish by linking it to our online safety post. We are using technology more and more in the current circumstances and it is important that we keep positive and kind. Even though it is the end of Mental Awareness Week, hopefully we will all continue to be kind to each other and ourselves.

Here is a poster with ways in which we can all be kind online.


Digital Resilience

Something that we try to teach at school is for children to become digitally resilient. This is the idea that if something upsetting is seen online, then the children have the tools to cope with this and move forward. This resilience is an important life skill as well as online tool.

Here is Simon Aston talking about ways you can work on developing digital resilience within your children.

I am also attaching some great links which he mentions in the video.



This website has some great activities to do with children and interactive learning games which develop ‘computational thinking’ (problem solving)  https://www.barefootcomputing.org/homelearning

I hope these are helpful to you. Have a lovely and safe half term.

Mrs Hackney

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