Year 1- Week beginning 1st June

Hello Cherry and Chestnut classes.         

We hope you have enjoyed your half term week and managed to enjoy the lovely sunny weather. It is the start of June and has been the hottest Spring ever, we hope you have managed to keep cool! We haven’t had any rain for a long time so remember to leave water out for wildlife visitors if you have a garden and keep watering plants that need it.  Do you notice any changes in nature around you or when you have been out and about? Have you noticed new plants or flowers growing, any baby animals that have been born, or new birds that you have not seen before?

We miss each and everyone of you and will be here to support you whether you are returning to school or carrying on learning from home with your family members. Please keep messaging us with comments on the blog as well as emailing us with any news or to share your learning. If you are working from home all week, please try to email us once a week to stay in touch, if possible. We will endeavour to respond to all messages but as many teachers are back at school, it may be another member of staff responds on our behalf while other staff are teaching at certain times of the week.

Here are some activities for you to enjoy. Please remember there are whole school activities and stories that we hope your children enjoy too. 

*We have tried to make the blog easy to access so you just have to click on to the links where possible.

If you are working from home, please keep working through the structure of activities from Monday to Friday or fitting in the activities while you can over the week. It is important to keep skills going in phonics, numeracy and literacy if you can as well as activities from the wider curriculum. We appreciate all the wonderful work you are doing as parents and helping to keep essential learning going for your children.

Cherry children that are coming into school, you will complete some of the tasks from Monday to Wednesday in school this week but you could try and complete Thursday and Friday’s tasks when you are at home.

Chestnut children that are coming into school, try to complete Monday to Wednesday’s tasks at home as you will be completing the Thursday and Friday tasks in school.

Physical activity– You may be following Joe Wicks, Cosmic yoga or doing your own exercise in your garden or going to the park. Here are some links if you still wish to have them. As we are looking at dinosaurs in Literacy and science this week Andy has a wild workout for you to try too.

Joe Wicks exercise            Cosmic yoga for children

PhonicsWe will be continuing with the ‘Letters and Sounds’ on you tube.  We will be using our phonics knowledge during our literacy lessons with ‘Oak Academy’  (oo ew ue u) as well this week.

Maths– This we were are exploring and recapping on 2-d and 3-d shape.      

Lesson 1  Sort 3-D shapes VIDEO 

Resource sheet 1

Resource sheet 2

Lesson 2– Recognise and name 2-D shapes  VIDEO

Resource sheet

Lesson 3– Sort 2-D shapes  VIDEO

Resource sheet

Lesson 4– Patterns with 3-D and 2-D shapes  VIDEO

Resource sheet

Lesson 5– Can you make a 2D picture and 3 model using things/recycled materials you have in your house. You could glue recycled materials together, or make a model using construction toys you have. You could also do a 2D or 3D hunt around your house. Which ever tasks you choose can you name the 2-D and 3-D shapes you use.

Literacy– This week we are going to be focusing on finding out and writing about dinosaurs, Grrr! 

Lesson 1-  Terrifying T Rex

Lesson 2-  To commit an information text to memory

Lesson 3-  To understand how to use the past tense

Lesson 4-  To start to use our information text.

Lesson 5-  To continue to use our information text.




I wonder if you can find out an interesting fact about your favourite dinosaur.

Can you label the parts of that dinosaur? Including tail, teeth, spikes, horns, legs.

You could do this on the computer using paint or draw it on a piece of paper.

Now find out if that dinosaur was a herbivore (plant eater), a carnivore (meat eater) or an omnivore (eats both). Does your dinosaur have sharp teeth? I wonder why!

What might this dinosaurs poo have looked like?

Activities from the wider curriculumArt/ DT/Music/PSHE


Can you remember our pencil dictionaries? The pages we had just started to create using mark making? This means using repeated patterns to create ‘texture’ on a page. We did circles of differing sizes and different kinds of lines to show shade and tone.

How about trying to create the texture of a dinosaur’s skin? I’m sure it won’t be the same all over so we will need to experiment. Today, see if you can think of 3 different marks that makes the skin look 1) scaly, 2) smooth and 3)  wrinkly. You will need to experiment with different marks to see which one looks the best. Once you have decided, then you can try to draw part of your dinosaur. You might choose a foot, or claw, or tail. Use your marks to show how the skin wraps around the shape of the dinosaur. Have fun!

Design and Technology 

Have a watch of the little video from Mrs Worth about something that was designed and made for a special purpose. We realise that you might not have a lot of things to build creations with and that every house has different resources so we are keeping this task quite open-ended.

So, this week is the important first design stage. Have a think about something that you might like to make. The best designs are not always particularly complicated. Perhaps you can design a bird-feeder, or a very simple vehicle, or a musical instrument? You can choose. Don’t rush to try and build it yet. We have all term to do this! This week, is a special week because all the best designs come from really careful thinking and careful drawing.

Ask yourself a few questions. What are the things you want your object to be able to do? How could you design it to work well? (These are the most important questions). Once you have decided on what it is you would like to create, start to think of some other things: Does it need to move or to stand still? Does it need to be heavy or light? What kind of size will it need to be? And of course, is it something I think I can make myself? (We wouldn’t expect you to build a car engine, but maybe you can make something with wheels that go round?)

Draw and label your first design. Please note that we are saying FIRST design because not every design works perfectly and sometimes it may need to be redesigned to make it better. (More of this in the coming weeks)

If you can photograph your designs then email them to us that would be wonderful.


Have a good week.

Best wishes from the Year One team.


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