Year 2 – Week Beginning – 1st June

Hello Everyone,

We hope you had an amazing half term in the sunshine and are ready to get back to some online learning.

We have decided to use Oak National Academy for English as it has some amazing lesson sequences and videos to support. Just click on the link and it will take you to the lessons with instructions to follow. We hope it is easy to follow but please let us know if you have any queries.


Lesson 1 – The Firework Maker’s Daughter: To retrieve information

Lesson 2 – The Firework Maker’s Daughter: To find the meaning of words

Lesson 3 – To identify the key features of instructions

Lesson 4 – To identify and use adverbs

Lesson 5 – To write a set of instructions



Here are some video links to help support this week’s maths challenges

Lesson 1 worksheet – Lesson 1 Add and subtract 10s 2019

Lesson 1 answers – Lesson 1 Answers Add and subtract 10s 2019

Lesson 2 worksheet – Lesson 2 Add 2-digit numbers (2) 2019

Lesson 2 answers – Lesson 2 Answers Add 2-digit numbers (2) 2019

Lesson 3 worksheet – Lesson 3 Subtract 2-digit numbers (2) 2019

Lesson 3 answers – Lesson 3 Answers Subtract 2-digit numbers (2) 2019

Lesson 4 worksheet – Lesson 4 Bonds to 100 (tens and ones) 2019

Lesson 4 answers – Lesson 4 Answers Bonds to 100 (tens and ones) 2019

Lesson 5 worksheet – Family-Challenge-Friday-15th

Lesson 5 answers – Answers-Friday-15th

Arithmetic daily practice – Fluent in Five – Year 2 – Week 4


Wider Curriculum 

Computing – What is computer code?

Geography – Introduction to Asia

Design and Technology – Simple Designs


Additional activities:
Look at the whole school activities powerpoint for lots more activities and stories from teachers (whole school blog page)

TT Rocks – there’s currently a teacher versus children battle! (I think the teachers are winning!)
Quiet reading
Listen to a story (there are plenty on the blog!)
Phonics on the blog
PE (virtual school games) –
Explore the outside in the warm weather
Do something creative
Learn something new (Miss Shah is currently learning Spanish and absolutely loves it!)


We hope you enjoy the activities planned. We would love to hear how you are getting on and that you are safe so please leave a little comment or email your teacher – or

Remember to keep an eye out for extra videos from your teachers and if you would like any help with any of the activities then please let us know.

Keep safe, we miss you all a lot!

Mrs Hackney and Miss Shah

2 thoughts on “Year 2 – Week Beginning – 1st June

  • 1st June 2020 at 5:13 pm

    We really enjoyed the Oak National Academy session today. The teacher was very clear and Luella is looking forward to tomorrow’s session.

    • 1st June 2020 at 8:34 pm

      That’s great to hear. Thank you for the feedback.
      Mrs Hackney


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