Year 4 home learning- 1st June

Hello Year 4! Happy June!

We hope that you all had a lovely half term filled with lots of sunny adventures and are continuing to keep safe!

We are going to continue to post 5 maths lessons, 5 English lessons and 3 other lessons from the curriculum. Feel free to do all of these but if not, 3 maths and 3 English is the expectation from school.

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Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:


Watch the videos using the following links.

Day 1.

Tenths and hundredths worksheet:

Tenths and hundredths answers:

Day 2. 

Equivalent fractions worksheet:

Equivalent fractions answers:

Day 3.

Equivalent fractions worksheet:

Equivalent fractions answers:

Day 4 

Fractions greater than 1 worksheet:

Fractions greater than 1 answers:


A space rocket was sent into space on Saturday! Have a read of the following webpage and then have a go at the quick quiz at the bottom of the article.

Then, the name of the SpaceX crew capsule was announced on launch day as Endeavour. What do you think would have been a great name for the capsule? Choose a name and write a paragraph explaining why your name should have been used. Can you draw a picture of your space capsule and annotate it.


What was it like to live in the Iron Age? Read the following information and maybe have a go at a few of the activities all about the Iron Age. Maybe you could create your own fort? Or shield? Please share pictures if you give this a go!


If we had stayed at school, one of our next topics was going to be exploring rivers around the world. Can you research a famous river around the world and present your findings however you wish?

Facts you might want to consider researching.. its length, the countries it passes through, the continent (or continents) it is found in, animals that live there or on the banks of the river near it. You might learn something else about it and it would be fantastic to include these facts too!


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2 thoughts on “Year 4 home learning- 1st June

  • 5th June 2020 at 11:25 am

    Maybe it was just me, but I couldn’t access the worksheets from these links, just the video. Is that right?

  • 5th June 2020 at 4:41 pm

    Is that for maths? I’m not sure what’s happened there! The links for the specific days should take you to the worksheets and are working for me. If you ever have this problem again, drop me an email and I will send them to you directly.
    Miss Clancy


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