Year 5 Gallery – June 1st onwards

Some more fantastic Year 5 work to show this week – a science experiment which turned white flowers blue (can you predict how they did it?), an NHS collage using sea glass and pebbles, a delicious looking pizza recipe and finally photos of a scientific expedition (involving birds’ eggs and animal bones!).

What a varied week you have had Year 5! Keep it up.


Several entries today on Tuesday 16th June. A detailed 3D drawing of someone’s neighbourhood, a professional-looking doll cake and some very intricate and colourful cartoons. Well done Year 5- keep sending us your photos!

Hello Year 5

Time for a new gallery as the old one was getting rather full. Today’s entries are a fantastic model of Hogwarts castle (over 3000 pieces) built by one of your classmates, and also some fascinating facts about the ‘Ring of Fire’  – you might like to research it too as it links to the location of Kensuke’s Kingdom. It also links back to what we were learning about renewable energy – can you remember how geothermal energy is created?

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