Year 1 Week beginning 8th June

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We hope you got on well  with your home learning last week and enjoyed work about the T Rex and other dinosaurs in literacy and science. Thank you too for those who have sent emails showing us some of your learning. Please can some parents let us know how you are finding the literacy and maths and whether the videos are allowing the children to access work more independently or whether they still need support with this. We welcome all feedback and are here to help.

Here are some activities for you to enjoy. Please remember there are whole school activities and stories that we hope your children enjoy too. *We have tried to make the blog easy to access so you just have to click on to the links where possible.

If you are working from home, please keep working through the structure of activities from Monday to Friday or fitting in the activities while you can over the week. It is important to keep skills going in phonics, numeracy and literacy if you can as well as activities from the wider curriculum. We appreciate all the wonderful work you are doing as parents and helping to keep learning going for your children.

Cherry children that are coming into school, you will complete the tasks from Monday and Tuesday in school this week but you need to complete Wednesday, Thursday and Friday’s tasks in phonics, literacy and maths when you are at home as the following week’s skills will follow on from these.

Chestnut children that are coming into school, it is important to complete Monday and Tuesday’s tasks at home as you will be completing the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday tasks in school in phonics, literacy and maths.

Physical activity– You may be following Joe Wicks, Cosmic yoga or doing your own exercise in your garden or going to the park.

Phonics– This week we are focusing on the sound ur which is spelled in 3 ways in different words ur, ir, er.

This is linked to our literacy Oak Academy work. 

er –


ur – Can you read this silly sentence? There was fur on my curtain and the curtain was burned.

When learning at home you may want to continue with the online ‘Letters and Sounds’ (link below). This means some children maybe on different lessons so please continue on from where you last finished.

General link to Letters and Sounds daily videos

Literacy- We hope you enjoyed the dinosaur poems on the blog last week.

This week we are going to listen to a poem and try to write a poem ourselves.

You will need a magic wand if you have one but if you don’t, a pen or a short stick would be fine to pretend its a wand.      Magic wand line icon tools and design wand sign Vector Image

Here are the links to click onto.



Monday Lesson 1- To listen to a poem

Tuesday Lesson 2- To identify rhyming words

Wednesday Lesson 3- To identify onomatopoeia

Thursday Lesson 4- To plan our poem

Friday Lesson 5- To write our poem







Monday– Lesson 1 Year 1 – Week 7 – Lesson 1 – Count in 2s

Resource sheet for Monday

Tuesday– Lesson 2 Year 1 – Week 7 – Lesson 2 – Count in 5s

Resource sheet for Tuesday

Wednesday– Lesson 3 Year 1 – Week 7 – Lesson 3 – Count in 10s

Resource sheet for Wednesday

Thursday–  Lesson 4  Year 1 – Week 7 – Lesson 4 – Add equal groups

Resource sheet for Thursday

Friday– Lesson 5  There are 2 short videos to watch and think about first.

Video 1- Introducing Capacity and Volume

Video 2- Measuring Capacity

You may want to do some practical work on filling up a smaller container and see how many of these are needed to fill up different larger containers. You could do this at bath time or outside if you have a garden.


Can you be a tree detective and find, identify and name trees in our local environment. Perhaps you could go to a park near you such as Abington Park, Bradlaugh Fields or Eastfield Park or you may see some of these trees close to your house. Here is a link to use a sheet too.

Link to Woodland Trust tree identification site.

Leaf identification sheet.

Geography– This term we are going to think about our town and where we live and compare it with a place in India. We are going to be looking at things like the weather, the food, the culture, houses and what the landscape looks like. We will look at different aspects each week. This week we will just start off by locating it

Can you find Northampton on a map of the UK, can you identify the 4 countries in the UK and their capital cities. Next can you see the UK on a world map. Then can you identify the country of India on a world map and see which countries it is close to? What is the shape of the country like? Is it surrounded by sea or is it attached to another country? Google maps is a great website for this. Can you zoom in and out and get a close up of idea.

DT – This is a home task, we won’t be teaching this in school. Depending on how you got on last week, you may have completed a design drawing or perhaps even started to gather resources and make something. This week’s task is to get to the stage of building your design and testing it out. Have you managed to find some things to build with? You might have some old loo roll centers (there should be a lot of these around!) or boxes, cleaned out food containers, lego. duplo, blocks, straws, card, cotton wool, elastic bands, sticky tape, glue or other things. Which materials will suit your design? Can you think how to attach different materials together? If parts need to move (like wheels or levers) what’s the best way to make them move?

Next, build your model! Enjoy making it as carefully as you can. It might look a bit different from your design drawing, especially if you choose to change the resources. Then have a go at testing it. You might find that some parts are strong but other parts are too wobbly, or don’t move properly. THIS IS OKAY, because design and technology is all about experimentation. The trick now is to be brave enough to CHANGE and IMPROVE your design. More of that next week! Don’t forget to email us photos of what you have done so far. They do not have to be perfectly finished models yet.


Image result for leaf

We are thinking about plants and trees in Science. Have a look at these activities you could do with a leaf.

Choose a couple to try. Have fun! Here is the link.

Best wishes from The Year One Team

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  • 7th June 2020 at 6:46 pm

    Hi, can I just ask, is there going to be a separate link for phonics or is this just the Oak academy phonics section? Since the school phonics stopped due to copyright, I saw one separate link a couple of weeks later, which we didn’t get to, but other than that haven’t spotted separate sessions from school (although I know Miss Brownie covers phonics in Oak sessions). Just checking I’m not missing something!

    • 8th June 2020 at 10:48 am

      Please see my additional commit in reply to your other post.
      Mrs Rands

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    Hi None of the Oak academy links are working for me. I get 404 page not found when i click them.

    I have manually looked but cannot find anything that looks right via their website.

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      I have just tried the links and they worked for me. If you press start video when you press on link it should work.
      Hope it works,
      Mrs Rands


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