Dinosaur craft with Mrs Hackney


It’s time for another craft! I saw this dinosaur craft and know how much some of you love dinosaurs so thought you would enjoy this. It’s really easy to make and anyone can do it!

These were the ones I created in the video. I finished my diplodocus using colouring pencils.

All you need to make your dinosaur is a the cardboard from toilet roll, scissors, a pen and colouring pencils.

This is the template that I talk about in the video –Β Dinosaur-templates

I hope you enjoy the craft. I would love to see some of your dinosaurs If you make them and let me know what your favourite dinosaur is by commenting below.

Mrs Hackney

2 thoughts on “Dinosaur craft with Mrs Hackney

  • 23rd June 2020 at 5:24 pm

    Dear Mrs .At school today I did Spanish.I no whow to count up in Spanish. 0cero 1uno 2dos 3tres 4cuatro 5convo 6seis 7siete 8ocho 9nueve 10diez 11once 12doce 13trece 14catorce 15quince 16dieciseis 17diecisieete and more but 1000mil from ruby????

    • 24th June 2020 at 12:04 pm

      Hi Ruby! I think Mrs Hackney will be very impressed with your spanish numbers. Well done! Did you practice saying them too? 5 is cinco (But I think that it just mis-typed as the keyboard keys are so close together πŸ™‚ ). Have a lovely day in the sunshine. Mrs Bacon πŸ™‚


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