Year 1-Week beginning 15th June

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We hope you got on well  with your home learning last week and enjoyed work on writing a poem and finding out where is India is on a map and other. Thank you too for those who have sent emails showing us or telling us about some of your learning. It is lovely that you keep in touch with us via the email or the school blog.

Here are some activities for you to enjoy. Please remember there are whole school activities and stories that we hope your children enjoy too. *We have tried to make the blog easy to access so you just have to click on to the links directly.

If you are working from home, please keep working through the structure of activities from Monday to Friday or fitting in the activities while you can over the week. It is important to keep skills going in phonics, numeracy and literacy if you can as well as activities from the wider curriculum. We appreciate all the wonderful work you are doing as parents and helping to keep learning going for your children.

We would like to share with you some videos about your learning this week and the staff that might be teaching you if in school.

Here is a video for Cherry class children who are in on Monday. Mrs Bailey will be teaching you this Monday and Mrs Felstead Tuesday and Wednesday. Mrs Bailey has taught you before and Mrs Walker will be in as well.

*Messages for all Year 1 children about your learning this week.

Cherry children that are coming into school, you will complete the tasks from Monday ,Tuesday and Wednesday in school this week but you need to complete Thursday and Friday’s tasks in phonics, literacy and maths when you are at home as the following weeks skills will follow on from these.

Chestnut children that are coming into school, it is important to complete Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesday tasks at home as you will be completing the  Thursday and Friday tasks in school in phonics, literacy and maths.

Physical activity– You may be following Joe Wicks, Cosmic yoga or doing your own exercise in your garden or going to the park. We are sure you are keeping fit with daily exercise whether it is dancing, running, cycling or walking and having fun doing it!

Phonics– This week we are focusing on the sound ow in ‘owl’ which is spelled in 2 ways in differing words ou and ow. For example, howl and shout. This is linked to our literacy lessons from the Oak Academy work.

Lesson 15-

Lesson 27-

If you would like to try some fun activities related to the ‘ow’ sounds check out these fun tasks from the Sounds Write website – ow activities


Literacy– This week we are going to do some story writing. You will find some words in the story that have the OW sound in them

** If you feel you want to just choose a few sentences to write or your children write a sentence and then you write a sentence and take turns, this is fine. We do not want to make it overwhelming for the children so please feel free to adapt if your child is finding this. **

Monday – Lesson 1 – To listen to a story

Tuesday- Lesson 2 – To commit a story to memory

Wednesday – Lesson 3- To use exclamation marks

Thursday – Lesson 4- To begin to write a story

Friday – Lesson 5- To continue to write a story


Maths This week we are going to look at Multiplication, Division again. We are recapping on some things we did last term and some new things.

Monday – VIDEO Make Arrays

Activity sheet-

Tuesday– VIDEO  Make Doubles

Activity sheet-

Wednesday– VIDEO Make equal groups (sharing)

Activity sheet-

Thursday– VIDEO Make equal groups (grouping)

Activity sheet-

Friday– BBC Bitesize Karate Kids game

There are different areas of maths to choose but please choose BRONZE level and if you complete this easily and want a challenge you can try silver level which will really make you think.



Science– We are recapping on the main parts of a flower and learning about the parts that are needed for new flowers to grow.

VIDEO-    .Why are the parts of the flower important?

VIDEO-     Parts of the flower that are important to make more flowers?

Can you explore the parts of a flower more? Have you got some in your garden? Or in a vase at home Can you look at them and see if you can see the different parts of the flower? Can you see the sepals, carpel, stigma, style, ovary, stamen and petals?


A video about what India is like- An introduction

Next please watch this video. It is about children in different parts of India.

A video about some areas of India

Did you notice that they were growing cardamom (a spice used in curries) and coconuts towards the end of the video? Coconuts and cardamom are used in Curries. Can you find out anymore about Indian food? You may like to try and cook some Indian food this week if it is convenient at home.


This week you may want to make a picture, collage or sculpture using natural materials. Have a look for natural art materials outside. You could collect fallen leaves, petals and sticks and use them to make a picture or sculpture. Please make sure you don’t pick wildflowers, however, as they are important for wildlife and some are protected by law. You might find cones, shells or anything that is natural to use. You may need some man made materials such as glue to stick them on or plasticine as a base for a sculpture if you have it.You could even use the objects as ‘stampers’ or  paintbrushes – dipping them in paint and rolling, brushing or stamping them on paper to create interesting patterns and effects you may see in tree bark or stones.

RE–  This term we are talking about more about Judaism. Jewish people and many Christian believe this story.
Enjoy the video. We will do more about this next week. How do you think the world was created?

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