Year 4 Home Learning W/B 15th June

Hello Rowan and Cedar Class,

What a rainy week last week was! Let’s hope the sun can shine a bit more for us this week. Here are your learning activities for the week.

Here’s a video from Miss Chambers to talk you through this week’s blog..


Following the same structure as last week, there will be 5 lessons available for Maths and English. There will be 3 wider curriculum activities for you to have a go at.

If you would like to get in touch with either of us, please leave a comment or email us:

Keep an eye on the blog for this week’s videos too.

Take care everyone, we miss you lots!

Miss Chambers and Miss Clancy


We are going to be following the BBC Bitesize maths lessons this week.

Work through the following link starting on 15th June, “Writing Decimals.”

Please be sure to comment or email us if you are unsure how to use the website.


We are going to continue using the English lessons on Oak Academy. They must be completed in order.

1.Click the link to the lesson

2.Click start lesson.

3.There is a quiz. If you don’t want to complete this, click ‘next activity’.

4. Read the instructions about watching the video. You may have to pause it to complete your activities. Listen carefully because the teacher gives very clear instructions. You can always click ‘resume video’ if you want to listen again.

You will be writing a set of Instructions this week

Wider Curriculum


Many of you researched a river a few weeks ago, we were so impressed with some of the responses to the questions asked. I know that I learnt so much.

This week, please can you learn about the River Nene; thinking about the previous facts you though about such as its length, the countries it passes through, the continent (or continents) it is found in, animals that live there or on the banks of the river near it. You may have even visited the River Nene! If you have already learnt about the River Nene, can you learn about another river?

Then, can you compare the two. For example, which one is longer? What’s the same about them? What’s different. Present this however you want- maybe as a table, a poster or a rap!


We were really impressed with how well you were all learning new skills in art. Today we would like you to continue to develop your drawing skills using the following link:

I wonder how the view from your window changes at different times of day or in different weather.


Have a go at learning the Spanish words for families and pets. I bet all of your pets have enjoyed you being at home with them the last few months!


Carry on trying your best at the sports challenges that can be found by following this link

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