Year 1 Home learning – Week beginning 22nd June

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We hope you got on well  with your home learning last week and enjoyed work on the story of The Very Noisy Night and finding out more about India. Thank you for those who have sent emails showing us or telling us about some of your learning. It is lovely that you keep in touch with us via the email or the school blog.

Here are some activities for you to enjoy. Please remember there are Whole School Blog activities and stories that we hope your children enjoy too.

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If you are working from home, please keep working through the structure of activities from Monday to Friday or fitting in the activities while you can over the week. It is important to keep skills going in phonics, numeracy and literacy if you can as well as activities from the wider curriculum.

We appreciate all the wonderful work you are doing as parents and helping to keep learning going for your children. You are doing a marvellous job!

Cherry children that are coming into school, you will complete the tasks from Monday and Tuesday  in school this week but you need to complete Wednesday, Thursday and Friday’s tasks in phonics, literacy and maths when you are at home please,  as the following weeks skills will follow on from these.

Chestnut children that are coming into school, it is important to complete Monday and Tuesdays tasks at home as you will be completing the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday tasks in school in phonics, literacy and maths.

Here are the video messages from your teachers about this week’s learning.

A message from Mrs Felstead to talk about Phonics/Spellings linked to the Oak Academy.

A message from Mrs Rands to talk to you about the Literacy, Maths and Geography.

A message from Mrs Worth to tell about some of the activities about RE/Art and DT.

Physical activity– You may be following Joe Wicks, Cosmic yoga or doing your own exercise in your garden or going to the park. We are sure you are keeping fit with daily exercise whether it is dancing, running, cycling or walking and having fun doing it! We have heard lots of you are riding bikes and scooters which is lovely to hear!

PhonicsThis week we are focusing on the sound or which is spelled in 3 ways in differing words or, au, and aw. For example, short, launch and paw. This is linked to our literacy lessons from the Oak Academy work.


LiteracyThis week we are going to do some writing but this time we are writing a recount. A recount is something that has happened in the past like writing about a day out somewhere or writing about what you did at the weekend. It is written in the Ist person which means it as though you are writing it yourself so you would say, ‘This weekend, I went shopping in Northampton.’

This recount is from a book called Man on the Moon. You are going to be imagining that we are the man on the moon this week and you will write a recount as if you were an astronaut!

You may find some words in the story that have the ‘or’ sound in them spelled in different ways like launch.

Monday- Lesson 1     To listen to a recount

Tuesday- Lesson 2  To use the first person and the past tense

Wednesday- Lesson 3   To commit a recount to memory

Thursday- Lesson 4   To begin to write our recount

Friday- Lesson 5  To continue to write our recount


Maths– This week we are thinking about Place Value in maths. We are thinking about the value of numbers 

Monday- Video lesson 1     Video

Lesson 1 worksheet – Counting to 100

Tuesday- Video lesson 2   Video

Lesson 2 worksheet- Partitioning numbers

Wednesday- Video lesson 3  Video

Lesson 3 worksheet-Comparing numbers (1)

Thursday- Video Lesson 4    Video

Lesson 4 worksheet- Comparing numbers (2)

Friday- Lesson 5- BBC Bitesize Karate Cats  Link to Karate Cats

The Wider Curriculum

ScienceWe hope you have enjoyed exploring flowers, plants and trees in our previous weeks home learning.

If you have enjoyed the work from The Oak Academy on The Man on the Moon, and you want to find out anything else about what the moon is like, please feel free to explore this.

DT– If you are still working on your DT project, we would love to know how you are getting on. Could you send us a photo of your finished work? Carry on if you are not finished, there is no hurry. You may be modifying your design. Designers take a while to create a product or model they are happy with.

Geography– India

See the source image

We hope you are enjoying finding out about India. We have looked at maps and where India is in the world. Can you remember what the flag of India looks like? We have thought about some crops grown in India  and  like coconuts, tea and rice. Last week’s video also explored what some of the different parts of India were like and how the weather changes in different parts of the country. We hope you enjoyed them.

This week we are going to think about children and India. The first video is about a boy who is talking about how is feeling with the Covid 19 lockdown in India. He felt quite bored at times. I wonder if you have had the same feelings at times?

Video 1 of a boy talking in India about lockdown

The second video sings about many facts about India. You can join in with parts of it if you like. After watching this video, or ‘googling’ with your parents and carers, you may find out these facts.

What is the national animal of India?  

What is the national bird of India?                          

What is the national sport of India?

What are the highest mountains in India?

Music and India- Link to video song all about India

RE/Art– Last week we asked you to think about The Story of Creation as part of out  learning about Judaism. This week we would like you to listen to the story again so you get to know it really well by watching the video and then create a story map or cartoon type strip to show what God created on each day using pictures.

You could fold your paper into 8 pieces so you have one part to write the title and 7 parts to draw a picture for what God created on each of the seven days. Or you could Sellotape a couple of pieces together to make a long strip. You could do it with coloured pens, by sticking these on to make a collage or paint it. Be Creative as you wish!

If you forget the order, this may help you. There is an activity below the video if you would prefer to sequence the pictures. Can you think about the order of the pictures.

Day 1-Light to shine on dark Earth    Day 2- Waters separated to make the Sky     Day 3- Land and plants

Day 4- Sun and Moon    Day 5- Birds and Fishes    Day 6- Animals/human beings    Day 7- God rested


See the source image

Have a good week and best wishes from,

The Year One Team.

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