Year 2 home learning wb 29.6.20

Hello Willow and Holly class,

We hope you have had a lovely week and made the most of the gorgeous weather (apart from the weekend which was very rainy!)

We do honestly love hearing from you, even if it is just once a week to say hello or a photo of what you have been doing. Feel free to either comment on the blog or email us using our email addresses:      or

A quick hello from Mrs Hackney

Here are the activities which we have chosen for you this week (feel free to pick and choose which activities you would like to do and when – aim for at least 3 of each a week)

Maths – (Please use the link to access videos to help support this week’s maths learning: Y2 Week 9 Alternative Plan

Maths 1 – Lesson 1 – Describing movement

Answers: Lesson 1 Answers – Describing movement

Maths 2 – Lesson 2 – Describing turns

Answers: Lesson 2 Answers – Describing turns

Maths 3 – Lesson 3 – Describing movement and turns

Answers: Lesson 3 Answers – Describing movement and turns

Maths 4 –Lesson-4-Compare-mass

Answers: Lesson-4-Answers-Compare-mass

Maths 5 – Friday Challenge – Family-Challenge-Friday-19th

Answers: Family-Challenge-Friday-19th-Answers

If you would like to, click on the link to access an arithmetic game (I would suggest starting with level 2 and subtraction or addition):

Literacy – 
(we are continuing to use Oak National Academy – please click on the link to access the lesson)

Literacy 1 (The Firework Maker’s Daughter: To retrieve information) –

Literacy 2 (The Firework Maker’s Daughter: To make inferences) –

Literacy 3 (To identify syllables) –

Literacy 4 (To identify the key features of a haiku) –

Literacy 5 (To write a Haiku) –

Wider Curriculum
Design and Technology (food and nutrition):

Computing (Using the web safely):

Science (Parts of the body and the senses):

Additional activities:
Whole school activities via the blog
TT Rocks
Quiet reading
Listen to a story (there are plenty on the blog!)
PE (virtual school games) –
Explore the outside
Do something creative (many ideas on the blog again)
Learn something new

Remember to look out for the weekly videos that are uploaded onto the blog and if you need help with any of the activities, then please do let us know and we can help.

Have a wonderful week!

Take care and keep safe,

Mrs Hackney and Miss Shah

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