Year 2 – Week Beginning – 6th July

Hello Holly and Willow,

Did you enjoy having your video calls with Mrs Hackney and I? It was lovely to see you all! This week, you will hopefully be able to meet your new Year 3 teacher on a teams meeting – how exciting!

We can’t believe we are so close to the summer holidays but we definitely have loved being able to teach you in Year 2. Do you think you could email and tell us about some of the things you’ve loved about being in Year 2?

We do honestly love hearing from you, even if it is just once a week to say hello or a photo of what you have been doing. Feel free to either comment on the blog or email us using our email addresses:      or

A quick hello from Miss Shah:

Here are the activities which we have chosen for you this week (feel free to pick and choose which activities you would like to do and when – aim for at least 3 of each a week)

Maths – (Please use the link to access videos to help support this week’s maths learning:

Maths 1 – Measure Mass in Grams
Answers: Measure Mass in Grams Answers

Maths 2 – Measure Mass in Kilograms
Answers: Measure Mass in Kilograms Answers

Maths 3 – Compare Volume
Answers: Compare Volume Answers

Maths 4 – Millilitres
Answers: Millilitres Answers

Maths 5 – Friday Challenge –

If you would like to, click on the link to access short daily arithmetic calculations: Arithmetic – Year 2

Literacy – (Oak National Academy
 – please click on the link to access the lesson)

Literacy 1 (To retrieve information from a non-chronological text) –

Literacy 2 (To identify features of a non-chronological text) –

Literacy 3 (To identify and use subordinating conjunctions) –

Literacy 4 (To organise facts under subheadings) –

Literacy 5 (To write a non-chronological text) –


Wider Curriculum
D&T (Pattern Making): 

Geography (The seasons): 

History (William Shakespeare):


Additional activities:
Whole school activities via the blog
TT Rocks
Quiet reading
Listen to a story (look on the stories tab on the blog)
PE (virtual school games) –
Explore the outside
Do something creative
Learn something new

Remember to look out for the last two videos that are uploaded onto the blog and if you need help with any of the activities, then please do let us know and we can help.

We miss you lots, take care and keep safe,

Miss Shah and Mrs Hackney ?


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