Year 3 Home Learning wb 6.7.20

Hello Maple and Redwood Class,

Here are your learning activities for the week.

Following the same structure as last week, there will be 5 lessons available for Maths and English. There will be 3 wider curriculum activities.

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Keep an eye on the blog for this week’s videos too.

Take care everyone,

Miss Bailey and Mr Bettles


Message from Miss Bailey about this week’s home learning:



Oak Academy – This week you will be exploring poetry!

Alternatively, you can follow the English lessons on BBC Bitesize, starting with Monday 6th July. The focus on BBC Bitesize is newspapers. 

Oak Academy – Poetry

1.Clink the link to the lesson

2.Click start lesson.

3.There is a quiz. If you don’t want to complete this, click ‘next activity’.

4.Read the instructions about watching the video. You may have to pause it to complete your activities. Listen carefully because the teacher gives very clear instructions. You can always click ‘resume video’ if you want to listen again.


  • Lesson 1 – Poetry – Reading Comprehension – Word Meaning

  • Lesson 2 – Poetry – Reading Comprehension – Inference

  • Lesson 3 – Poetry – Identifying the features of a text

  • Lesson 4 – Poetry – SPaG – Expanded noun phrases

  • Lesson 5 – Poetry – Write a sound poem



We will continue to use the White Rose Maths for our learning.

This week the focus is Shape and drawing accurately. You will need a ruler. Later in the week, you are looking at telling the time.

Video Links –

Lesson 1 – Worksheet
Lesson 1 – Answers

Lesson 2 – Worksheet

Lesson 2 – Answers

Lesson 3 – Worksheet

Lesson 3 – Answers

Lesson 4 –Worksheet

Lesson 4 – Answers

Lesson 5 – Time – AM and PM


Wider Curriculum:

Geography – Oceans

There are five oceans in the world. Together they cover more than 70 per cent of our planet, and they are all connected together.

Watch the videos and complete the activities here:

Activity 1 – a quiz to test your world ocean knowledge

Activity 2 – label the world’s oceans on a map

If you want to find out more about oceans, watch this Blue Planet live lesson


Science – Rocks, soil and fossils

You should remember learning about rocks and soils in school. Here is an opportunity to re-activate that knowledge and learn some more.

Watch the videos, read the information and complete the activities here:

Can you create a poster, PowerPoint or video explaining what you have found out?


Art – Collage Activity (practise your cutting skills!)

I know lots of you love to be creative and practise your art skills. Here’s something a bit different this week.

A collage is where pieces of material (such as paper, fabric, photographs and so on) are arranged and stuck down onto a surface.

Can you create a collage like this?

You are going to need:

  • A ruler and pencil
  • Old magazines, newspapers or junk mail (please check with someone at home before you cut them up!!)
  • Glue – a glue stick would be best
  • Paper
  1. First, draw a square on your page, like below. You are going to stick your letters and numbers inside this square:
  2. Next, cut out lots and lots of letters and numbers. Cut them out neatly as squares and rectangles, not around the shape of the letter.
  3. After that, look at the example again. Notice how letters overlap each other. Have a go at arranging your letters. You might need to trim some so they fit. Try to get a mixture of styles and colours.
  4. When you are happy, start gluing them down carefully – no flaps or messy glue.


Additional Activities:

If you have completed all the tasks and want to carry on learning you can use any of the below:


Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica:


Spellings – use your year 3/4 spellings and pick 10 words to practise.

Choose something to read at home – anything with words!

Visit the Whole School page on the blog for stories read by teachers and teaching assistants.

Mrs Rew’s Library Padlet: (Password: Take5)

Have you tried the celebrity supply teacher PE lessons with Marcus Rashford? 


Keep perfecting your touch-typing skills! Which level are you on now?

Dance Mat Typing:

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