Year 1 Home Learning-Week commencing 13th July 2020.

Hello Chestnut and Cherry classes,

Welcome to our last week of Home Learning! Where has the Summer term gone?  What an unusual term we have had this year.  

Image result for chestnut
 Image result for cherryWe hope you got on well with your home learning last week and enjoyed creating your instructions for growing a plant, exploring fractions and taking part in the activities associated with finding out about India! This week we thought you may like to try some Indian cooking. Have a look at our DT section below to find out more. There is also a funny song to enjoy too!
Thank you for those who have sent emails showing us or telling us about some of your learning. It is lovely that you keep in touch with us via the email or the blog.

By now, you would hopefully had a Team video call with your new teacher (or having one soon) and are looking forward to your exciting time in Year 2 in September. We will miss you all Year 1 but know you will ready to enjoy the new experiences to come. We will see you in Worship and on the playground and look forward to hearing all your news and what you have been doing over the summer holidays. We also love to hear how you are getting on in your new class and what new learning opportunities and skills you are practising. Keep in touch everyone!

Here are our last videos of the school year to tell you about this weeks learning.

Mrs Felstead’s video-

Mrs Rands’ video-

Mrs Worth’s video-


This week we are focusing on the ‘oe’ sound spelled in different ways in a variety of words. Remember-one sound, different spellings. The spellings are the o in go/so, the oa in boat/coat, the ow in throw/grow and the split sound o-e in close/note.

Here are two additional lessons we would like you to access:


This is our last week with Miss Brown who has helped us through our literacy this term. Don’t forget so say goodbye to her too at the end of the week!See the source image

We are doing Poetry for our last week and it is a lovely poem with rhyming words about what we do in different year groups in school. This links well to us thinking about moving up to our new year group in September.

Monday- Lesson 1- To listen to a poem

Tuesday- Lesson 2 To identify rhyming words

Wednesday- Lesson 3- To plan a poem

Thursday-Lesson 4- To identify syllables

Friday- lesson 5- To write a poem



This week are focusing on Time. We are thinking about telling the time and thinking about different lengths of time.

Monday- Video Lesson 1- Time to the hour

Worksheet- Lesson 1

Tuesday- Video lesson 2- Time to the half past

Worksheet- Lesson 2

Wednesday- Video Lesson 3- Writing time

Worksheet-Lesson 3

Thursday- Video Lesson 4-Comparing time

Worksheet -Lesson 4

Friday- Today you can choose any activity of bitesize maths that you need to practise.

Do not just choose tasks you can do easily, please challenge yourself too.

Link to Karate Cats maths activities


The Wider Curriculum

DT– This week we are going to be having an end of year celebration meal at home! We hope that this will give you all a sense of ‘ending’ to a most unusual Year One experience and a ‘beginning’ to the summer holidays. 

We would like you to think about a few things in advance. Who would you like to invite to your meal? It could be a brother or sister, Mummy, Daddy, or perhaps you can have a picnic out and about with other members of your family? You will need to ask a grown up if anyone is available. Then make sure you know what kinds of food they like, or don’t like. It’s no good making a Marmite sandwich if Auntie Flo doesn’t like them!  You can look in your cupboards at home and in your fridge to see what food you have already. You might find that you have plenty to choose from to save you a trip to the shops.

Next, plan what you are going to make. It can be as simple as a sandwich or a salad (the weather looks nice this week!) or it might be a buffet of lots of little bits and pieces like cheese, ham, crackers, grapes etc. Or you may even like to cook something hot. We like these website to give you some inspiration:

A good celebration meal is a bit special so make the table look lovely with some place-names, folded kitchen roll for serviettes, glasses, maybe even a tablecloth. You can put on some fun music and maybe put flowers in a jam jar on the table.

Now it’s time to enjoy being together! If you have water or squash to drink in glasses, you can clink them together and say ‘Cheers!’. This could be a great moment to share happy memories of Y1, to talk about the fun things we did and learned. Can you remember Dave the Owl man? and Mrs Elijah telling us about Shabbat? How about the Christmas performance and the class celebration worships? Learning about the Queen, about Shakespeare and Italy, Luca’s Nonna and Papa coming in to see us, science, DT, Art, lots and lots of maths and phonics and reading too. Phew!

Enjoy tidying up together as well – you could sing the Tidy Up song!


PSHEReflection time

This week we would like to look back at your time in Year One and think about these questions. You can talk to a grown up about this and write your answers down with their help.

How did you first feel when you came to Year 1 on the first day?

How do you feel now about leaving Year 1?

What was your best thing about Year 1?

What did you find hard in Year 1?

What did you enjoy learning about most of all?

What made you laugh the most or can you remember something funny that happened in Year one?

I wonder what your best memories might be?

Here’s a funny story that you might remember from Year 1!!

Singing– Do you remember this funny song from Year 1?

This may bring back some memories for Year 1 or if you don’t remember it, you may find it funny anyway!

 The Wonky Donkey song


ScienceHave a look at these videos and see how animals are sorted into different groups.

Can you draw an animal for each of the following groups?   Bird, mammal, reptile, amphibian, mini beast.
Send us your brilliant pictures!

We have loved having you in Chestnut and Cherry classes this year, even though we have not had as long together as normally we would. You are all extremely special and lovely children. Thank you for bringing all your special qualities to our classes this year. We have lots of great fun, good friendships and lots of great learning together.

To all our Parents and Carers, we will miss you…Thanks for all your support this year. You have been stepped up to be Home Learning Tutors as well as great parents, so we thank you for that. You should feel very proud of your children and we have thoroughly enjoyed teaching them this year. We look forward to watching them blossom in Year 2.


Good bye from Chestnut Class grown ups!




Good bye from Cherry Class grown ups!

Have a lovely summer break.

Best wishes from the Year One Team. 



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