Year 3 Home Learning – wb 13.7.20

Hello Maple and Redwood Class,

Here are your learning activities for the week.

Following the same structure as last week, there will be 5 lessons available for Maths and English. There will be 3 wider curriculum activities.

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Please Note – You will receive an invitation on your Office 365 to a teams meeting from your teacher. This will be to catch up before summer. Please try your best to be there as we would love to see you before summer. 

Take care everyone,

Miss Bailey and Mr Bettles


Oak Academy – This week you will be writing a Story!

Alternatively, you can follow the English lessons on BBC Bitesize, starting with Monday 13th July. 

Oak Academy – Story

  1. Click the link to the lesson

2. Click start lesson.

3. There is a quiz. If you don’t want to complete this, click ‘next activity’.

4. Read the instructions about watching the video. You may have to pause it to complete your activities.        Listen carefully because the teacher gives very clear instructions. You can always click ‘resume video’ if you want to listen again.

  • Lesson 1 – Story – Reading Comprehension – To make inferences and predictions

  • Lesson 2 – Story – Reading Comprehension – To find word meanings 

  • Lesson 3 – Story – To identify features of a story

  • Lesson 4 – Story – SPaG focus – Range of punctuation 

  • Lesson 5 – Story – To write a story



We will continue to use the White Rose Maths for our learning.

This week the focus is mass and measure.

Video Links –

Lesson 1 – Worksheet 

Lesson 1 – Answers

Lesson 2 – Worksheet

Lesson 2 – Answers

Lesson 3 – Worksheet

Lesson 3 – Answers

Lesson 4 –Worksheet

Lesson 4 – Answers

Lesson 5 – Worksheet 

Lesson 5 – Answers


Wider Curriculum:

Science – Remarkable reflections 

Task – 360° Periscope activity

You cannot see around corners… or can you?

In this activity from the Science Museum Group, carefully placed mirrors change the path light takes twice, making it possible to look over walls, around corners and even behind you – all without being seen.

Task – Light hunt

Light is all around you. In your home or outside, go on a hunt for light. Try to find a different object for each challenge.

  1. Find something you can see your reflection in
  2. Find something that is transparent
  3. Find something that gives off light
  4. Find something that would be useful in the dark

Music – Get creative with Florence Price

Task – Find the pulse and describe the character of the music of Juba Dance

Play the audio clip (right) a few times over and each time you listen try these different actions:

  1. Tap your foot or pat your knees in time with the beat
  2. Walk in time with music
  3. Walk in a way that feels right for the character of the piece (bouncy and sunny)

You are walking on the beat or the pulse of the music – the heartbeat of the performance that keeps all the parts of the music moving together.

  • Does the music feel like the beats are in groups of three or groups of four?
  • Can you think of two extra words which describe the character of the music?


Task – Make up your own rhythm inspired by Juba Dance

Walk around the room at the same pace (speed) as Juba Dance and add some claps as you walk in time.

You could:

  • Clap at the same time as you step
  • Clap in between your steps
  • Do a mixture of the two

Create a pattern made up of walking and clapping that lasts for four beats.

Repeat your phrase four times over (four lots of four beats).

Practice your pattern so that you can remember it and, when you’re feeling confident, perform your pattern to somebody else.

Task – Compose a piece based on Juba Dance using sounds you can make with your body

Before making up your own piece, you need to find some sounds you can make with your hands and body.

Here are some ideas to try or you can invent your own:

  • Finger click
  • Chest tap
  • Thigh slap
  • Ankle slap (you have to lift your foot for this!)
  • Hand clap with very straight fingers and stiff palms
  • Hand clap with cupped hands
  • Foot stamp

Choose four different sounds and create a pattern with your sounds that lasts for four beats.

Your pattern might look something like this:

Click, chest tap, stomp, clap

Practice your pattern so you can repeat it four times, which will create a 16-beat pattern (four lots of four) and, when you’re feeling confident, perform your pattern to somebody else.

ART – Pop art and printing

Task – Create your own piece of pop art in the style of Andy Warhol.

Be imaginative – you can have green hair and yellow skin!

You could:

  • use different coloured paper to cut shapes out
  • create a print with lego, sponges or other objects in paint
  • take a selfie, print it off 4 times in black and white and colour it in – make sure the details are still clear

Exhibition: "Andy Warhol. L'alchimista degli anni Sessanta ...


Additional Activities:

If you have completed all the tasks and want to carry on learning you can use any of the below:


Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica:


Spellings – use your year 3/4 spellings and pick 10 words to practise.

Spelling Quiz –

Choose something to read at home – anything with words!

Visit the Whole School page on the blog for stories read by teachers and teaching assistants.

Mrs Rew’s Library Padlet: (Password: Take5)

Have you tried the celebrity supply teacher dance lessons with Darcey Bussel ? 


Keep perfecting your touch-typing skills! Which level are you on now?

Dance Mat Typing:


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