Year 5 Home Learning Week Beginning 13.7.20

Dear Hawthorn and Sycamore,

Here is another weeks learning, the expectation is that you complete 3 English and 3 maths lessons but it would be amazing if you completed all five. There are also additional English and maths resources if you are looking for more to do. With the wider curriculum, we have included the extra lessons so you can complete the unit for science, geography and Spanish. You do not need to do all the lessons but the option is there. ​The expectation is that you complete at least 3 of the other tasks, but aiming for 5.

We would love to hear from you and know what you have been up to this week, send us a message or a photograph to our emails. or 

Although this is not the way we expected the year to finish, we have absolutely loved being your teachers. We will treasure the memories of you all dearly. From those ‘aha’ moments in maths, reading your incredible writing, watching you learn a new instrument, perform in front of the school, reading a book with beautiful expression, watching you flourish and grow, laughing together, singing our socks off and having so much fun.

Thank you for all your hard-work, dedication, perseverance over the summer term and continuing to work hard on your learning. We are so excited to see you all again in September and the time we can all be back together simply cannot come sooner!

We are really looking forward to seeing you at the end of the week for our final video calls on teams. We will be hosting a quiz. How much of year 5 do you remember? ​This may jog your memory….

  • The Industrial Revolution
  • Oliver Twist
  • Northampton in England and Northampton in Massachusetts, USA
  • Wonder (Auggie, Jack Will, Olivia, Julian, Mr Tushman, etc)
  • Earth and Space
  • The Merchant of Venice
  • World War One
  • Sustainability and Natural Resources
  • Properties of Materials

Take care,

Miss Taylor and Mrs Byfield


Monday – Regular and irregular polygons

Worksheet – 

Answers –

More resources for Monday –

Tuesday – Reasoning about 3D shapes

Worksheet –

Answers –

More resources for Tuesday –

Wednesday – Reflections

Worksheet –

Answers –

More resources for Wednesday –

Thursday – Translations

Worksheet –

Answers –

More resources for Thursday  –

Friday – 

Additional Maths Resources​ – practise your times tables​ – practise your times tables, number bonds, halving and doubling – use question generator to practise your arithmetic skills​, especially the four operations ​- apply your maths knowledge to solve the word problems.​ – apply your maths knowledge to solve the word problems. – a range of mathematical problems for you to explore.


Monday – Reading Comprehension

Tuesday  Reading Comprehension

Wednesday – Identifying features of a Newspaper

Thursday – SPaG Indirect and Direct Speech

Friday – Write a Newspaper Report

Additional Resources

Complete the next part in the Roy of Rovers activities – 

Practise your reading and answer comprehension questions –​

Complete one of the quizzes on –  

Pictures with questions to answer and writing ideas – http://ht tps://

Task 1 – Science

In the first lesson you are going to build upon your knowledge of an electric circuit and how to draw them as a diagram.

In the second lesson you will explore what are insulators and conductors –

In the third lesson you will find out what happens when you change the components of a circuit –

Task 2 – Geography

Recap your knowledge on different energy, focusing especially on renewable energy –

Then find out what is special about the Brazilian city, Curitiba. How has it become a ‘green’ city. What changes could we make in Northampton? –

Find out how we can become more sustainable in the future –

Task 3 – Music

Learn about pulse in 3 and 4 time.

Can you create your own music with sounds you have found?

Garage band was the app which John Bowman recommended for recording your own music – 

Task 4 – Spanish

In this lesson, we will recap our previous learning, then we will be learning how to describe different types of weather in Spanish. 

If you have enjoyed this lesson, there are four more available:

Learn to say different towns or cities –

Learn to give your opinion about a town or city –

Learn how to say family names and pets in Spanish –

Learn how to describe hair and eye colour –

If you still want to continue learning Spanish there are ten virtual lessons on BBC –

Also you can continue learning Spanish over the holidays using – 

Task 5 – Art

Option 1 – Learn how to make your own abstract drawing. All you will need is a pencil and paper –

Option 2 – Create a collage inspired By Henri Matisse. You will need paper, scissors and either colouring pencils or felt tips.

Summer Reading Challenge

Don’t forget the Summer Reading Challenge. You still can join now and complete the challenge virtually.

If you’re looking for more books to read and you have a library card you can use the borrow box –

Other websites where you can read online: – free eBook library – find out about NASA and space – poet performances and interviews – facts and articles about the world and culture – online illustrated encyclopaedia – online illustrated encyclopaedia

Over the summer

There are lots of ideas of activities you can do over summer on the whole school section on the blog.

There is a huge variety of lessons to explore on Oak National Academy and BBC Bitesize –

Take part in summer reading challenge

Continue practising your timestables on and your arithmetic using

Stay Active with:

Joe Wicks –

Cosmic Kids Yoga –

Go Noodle –

How many of these 50 things to do before you’re 11 and ¾ can you tick off over the summer?

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  • 13th July 2020 at 10:59 am

    Hi, I just wanted to say that I have finished today’s work and it was OK?.

    • 13th July 2020 at 11:07 am

      Well done Sulaiman – what work have you done today?
      Have you got anything planned for this afternoon?
      Miss Lowe 🙂

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    I have done all my learning and have really enjoyed

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      Well done Klea – what learning have you done today?
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    I have done my learning and have really enjoyed it

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      Good morning, Klea. What lessons did you do this morning, and which did you enjoy the most? Mrs Bacon 🙂

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    I have finished Today’s work?

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      Hi Sulaiman. How are you? Well done for completing your work. Was there anything you particularly enjoyed doing? Any plans for this afternoon? I am hoping for some sunshine! Mrs Bacon 🙂

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    Hi, Mrs Bacon/Miss Lowe I have finished my Today’s work????.

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      Fantastic! I hope you enjoyed your learning today! Enjoy the rest of your day.
      Miss Lowe 🙂

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      Brilliant, Sulaiman! Have a nice afternoon. Mrs Bacon 🙂

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      Well done, Sulaiman. Did you find everything easy to follow? Do you have anything nice planned for the afternoon? Mrs Bacon 🙂

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    I have finished Today’s work ^_~

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      Well done Sulaiman. Looks like it’s going to be a lovely day. Enjoy the Summer break. Mrs Bacon 🙂


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